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Wood Family Spotlight – Eddie Wood

10628145_10152618505228145_4264316066479303327_nThe Wood family spotlight this week is on my dad, Eddie Wood. Eddie is a co-owner of Wood Brothers Racing and is one of the most passionate race fans I have ever met. Our family has always been in racing because of their love for the sport and Eddie displays this every day. Some say he loves racing because it is all he has ever known but I honestly think he would be a diehard fan regardless.

Family – Throughout his NASCAR journey, family has remained number 1 in his life, with the car 21 coming in a close second :). He met my mom, 970575_10100834206505637_836879857_nCarol, in high school and has been hooked on her since. They have two children, my brother, Jon, and myself and two grandchildren, Riley and Giselle. Jon recently married his wife, Amanda, and they have a two-year old son, Riley. I have been married for almost two years and have a 5 month old daughter, Giselle. Riley and Giselle are the apple of my dad’s eye. He adores both grandchildren and is honestly the best “PaPa” that anyone could ever ask for. My dad has always been the type of father that will go above and beyond for his children and he is the same way with Riley and Giselle. He has been known to make the 2 hour drive from Virginia to North Carolina just to babysit Giselle or Riley for an hour! And trust me both kids are a handful…Giselle has screaming fits of which you cannot stop and Riley could easily climb on top of the house if you don’t keep your eye on him 24/7.

Favorite Race Track – “Daytona, always Daytona.” Eddie said he loved Daytona for many reasons:

1. “It is the race to win, always has been the race to win and always will be the race to win”.

2. “We have had a lot of success at Daytona, both in February and July”.

3. “It is just where you are supposed to be in February”.

Favorite Race Track Food -If you know the Wood family, they are very picky eaters and they stick to what they like. Therefore, Eddie’s answer was not shocking. “If I am at Martinsville, then of course it is the Martinsville Hotdog, but any other track it is Armour Vienna Sausage and VanCamp’s Beanee Weenees”.

Favorite Hobby – Okay, so I forgot to ask Eddie this question but I can answer it for him. HISTORY! Let me tell you, this man has a respect for all things historical. It doesn’t matter if it is the history of a football team or the history of a toy (example: his beloved toy a Yo-Yo), if it has been around for a while then he knows about it and loves it. Obviously, the history of the Wood Brothers and NASCAR is at the top of his list. He spends his free time researching old races and cars and “hunting down” old pictures. If you follow Wood Brothers Racing on social media you have seen many of our throwback pictures and Eddie is to thank for all those pictures.

First job at Wood Brothers Racing – I captured this answer in the video below!

[youtube e-v_kcWJAZs]

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Passion and Competitiveness Back in NASCAR

How did everyone like the race at Texas on Sunday?? Aside from our results, I thought the end of the race was AMAZING! Yes, the fight included! I am sure most everyone was uncertain about the new chase format. No doubt, there are still haters out there but bottom line….the past few weeks have been the best racing I have seen in a while. Not going to lie, I love a good NASCAR fight, I mean who doesn’t love the drama that it creates? However, it is not the fights I love seeing but it is the passion and competitiveness of the teams and drivers that is so awesome. Our sport has lacked this for some time and I think it is finally back, all thanks to the new chase format. It has created a must win or go home a loser situation for the teams, which is exactly what NASCAR has needed. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Brad K. fan or a Gordon fan, it was awesome to see the rage these two displayed over the final laps at Texas.

I actually had to leave the race early because we were flying back commercial with my daughter, Giselle. Of course our flight takes off right as the race ends but I paid the extra bucks to follow along on Twitter. My eyes were glued to Twitter as I read tweets about the drama unfolding. I watched the replay of the final laps and the fight several times when I got home. My husband and I actually watched in amazement as the crowd went NUTS when the fight started. Honestly, when is the last time, other than when Dale Junior wins a race, that the crowd stayed and cheered 10 minutes after the checkered flag dropped?

Love it or hate it, this chase has spiced things up and I can’t wait to see how everything plays out over the next two weeks. We honestly for once have ZERO clue who will win the championship, it can be 8 different drivers right now.

Check out what Eddie Wood thinks of the fight Sunday at Texas in the video below!!

[youtube N1qKg3Wu_ZA]

A Weekend with the Woods – Birthday Style

IMG_4767First of all – I apologize for my lack of blog post and Facebook updates this week. I have been at home with a fussy little sickling, who managed to pass her cold onto me.  If there is a cold going around, we seem to get it no matter what! Not to mention we are headed to Texas tomorrow, which will be little miss Giselle’s first time flying. I apologize in advance if you are on our flight tomorrow ha! Anyway, I will hopefully have more updates for you as we head to Texas this weekend but for now a good ole’ birthday post is all I have.

This past Saturday was my brother, Jon’s, 33rd birthday. So in true Wood fashion, we all packed our bags and headed to Stuart for the weekend to celebrate. How to celebrate a 33rd birthday? I am not sure about the rest of you parents but since our children were born, our (the parents) birthday celebrations have declined. None the less, we still wanted to have a mini celebration. We spent the afternoon at the local park, had the traditional “Wood” family cookout and ended the night with a parent’s night out.

The park probably was not on the top of Jon’s “Birthday To-Do List” but Riley was literally climbing the walls at the house, so it was necessary to take him to an actual play set to release some energy. Adults, have you tried to climb the monkey bars lately? My gosh! I jumped on the bars, ready to show my husband my acrobat skills and then immediately jumped/fell back to the ground. Either the monkey bars get tougher with age or I am really out of shape. The park was successful, Jon and my husband, Michael, had a “friendly” competition of who could swing the highest and who could kick the soccer ball the furthest, I guess some things never change, and then we headed to the house for a birthday cookout.

IMG_4764On off weekends, the Wood family usually gathers at my mom and dad’s house for a family cookout. Kim brings the hamburger meat and chili, Pa (Glen) brings his fresh veggies from his garden, Nannie brings the most delicious Macaroni salad ever to be created and “Bananaless Pudding” (Yes, we like banana pudding without bananas), Jon mixes up Velveeta cheese/salsa dip, Len takes our food orders and Eddie grills the hamburgers and hotdogs. That’s how the traditional Friday/Saturday night “grilling out” goes at the Wood house and Jon opted to stick with the tradition for his Birthday meal Saturday night. We mixed things up a bit and surprised him with a birthday cake, of which Riley insisted on blowing out the birthday candles (see video below).

IMG_4881After dinner, my mom and dad forced us to have a “parent’s night out”, so we ended up at the local bowling alley in Stuart, Tin Pin Alley. We had a blast! If you are ever in the area, stop by and show off your bowling skills. It wasn’t really crowded and it was a perfect place to just hang out, chit chat and have a little competitive game of bowling. Jon claims he has not been bowling since my wedding nearly 2 years ago but I beg to differ. He actually “bowled a turkey”?? I had never heard of this, clearly as you can see my less than impressive score in this picture but apparently it means you are good. I guess it got to his head because he has now signed up for bowling lessons and purchased his own bowling ball and shoes, go figure!

On a little side note, check out Pa in his tractor this weekend! I took this Sunday afternoon, he was moving a pot that my brother made for my mom. Pa’s energy level amazes me everyday!



[youtube e7ocl4e1cPE]

The Love of Martinsville Speedway

Martinsville race is this weekend and as most of you know, that is the Wood Brothers hometown track. Martinsville has always been one of my favorite tracks for several reasons.

1.  I have a major obsession with hot dogs and “The Martinsville Hot Dog” has always been at the top of my list on favorite hot dogs. What is not to love about the small red dogs with that oh so special Chili/Slaw that only Martinsville Speedway can master.

2. The intense racing and drama Martinsville Speedway always produces. Not only do the cars always leave the track with dents and scratches but it’s not uncommon for the drivers to leave with a few bruises as well (from other drivers not wrecks). You gotta love the drama that always unfolds after or quite often, before, the checkered flag drops. I actual remember a hilarious story from one of my brother’s, Jon’s, truck races at Martinsville. My Mema, grandma from my mom’s side not the Wood side, was at the track with us and we were sitting in the stands. My brother and Carl Edwards were racing hard for the win and Carl was right on his bumper, as close as you could get without wrecking. He actual raced him clean but Mema had a different view. She actually walked up to Carl after the race and pointed her finger and said, “if you had of wrecked Jon, you would have me to deal with”. Only at Martinsville, only at Martinsville. If you have never been to a Truck race or Cup race at Martinsville, then you are missing out!

3. Aside from the actual race track, when I was younger, Martinsville race weekend always meant our special friends, the Jarretts, would visit for the entire weekend. When Dale Jarrett drove for us, we became very close friends with him and his family. Every Martinsville race weekend, the family would visit and on race day the parents went to the race track and left us (the kids) home with a babysitter.  It was always a highlight of race season.

4. Most importantly, my family’s history at Martinsville. The Wood Brothers have 8 poles and 2 wins at Martinsville, with my “Pa”, Glen, holding 4 of those poles.  I wanted to take a look back and learn about the Wood Brothers first trip to Martinsville, which happened to be Pa’s first cup start. Check out the video below to hear what Pa had to say about that particular race at Martinsville!!!

[youtube qNzYSCCSaoo]


~ Jordan

A Trip to the Wood Brothers Racing Museum

If you are coming to Martinsville for the races this weekend, I highly recommend stopping by the Wood Brothers Museum in Stuart, Va. Over the past few years, Len and Eddie have added hundreds of new artifacts and pictures to the museum.  The original museum was a 50 by 50 room in the front of the race shop. Once the team moved their racing operations to North Carolina, the museum was expanded to the back part of the race shop, where the team used to conduct their racing business. Now, the race shop walls are lined with pictures that date back to 1950 and the floors have numerous different historical exhibits, including toolboxes, workbenches and equipment from the 1960s. Eddie and Len have worked very hard to gather as many of the original artifacts as possible and some additional tribute cars. They have everything, from a limb from the original Beech Tree where Wood Brothers Racing originated to the David Pearson 71 Purolator Mercury. Inside the original museum there are many different pictures, artifacts and displays, including a new display of 1:18 and 1:24 scale model cars. Last but not least, you never know who you may run into at the museum. On most days, you will be greeted by Glen’s wife, Bernece, and some days Eddie, Len and Kim are roaming around the building.  I could go on for hours about the different artifacts that are at the museum but I will let you visit and find out for yourself :) All I can say, is it is very impressive and definitely worth a visit!


Martinsville Race Weekend Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (closed for lunch hour)

Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Normal Business Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (closed for lunch hour)

~ Jordan



IMG_4533 IMG_4532 IMG_4531 IMG_4534


The Talladega Curse

This week when I was talking to Eddie and Len about old stories that happened at Talladega, the “Talladega Curse” was brought to my attention. I, being a youngster, had no idea about the curse so I decided to dig up some information.

Based on my research, the theory behind the curse has yet to be determined. Is it haunted because a Native American Chief was thrown off his horse and killed during a local horse race on the grounds or that the track was built on an Indian burial ground?

Whatever it is, many many strange things have happened at Talladega. Most of us know all too well of the unfortunate wrecks, deaths and injuries that have occurred at the Superspeedway, which are all believed to be part of the “Talladega Curse”, but I learned some other mysterious events that unfolded.

A fan actually stole the pace car and drove it around the race track before the start of a race!!?? What about the time in 1974 that someone broke into the garage and sabotaged several of the race cars the night before the race. The teams showed up to race and found their cars had been tampered with, including the Wood Brothers. The “sabotagers” had cut the teams’ oil pump and changed the toe-in on the front end. No one ever figured out the guilty party who committed this act but it didn’t stop the Wood Brothers and David Pearson from bringing home a 2nd place finish that day.

I thought this act of sabotage was pretty brilliant, probably not as fun that day but to me it was a classic story, so I asked Leonard if he remembered anything about what happened (see video below).

Let’s hope the curse leaves us alone this weekend!!

[youtube vGOjLYr45Oo]



Lessons with Leonard Wood – Memories at Talladega

The Wood Brothers will be attempting to make their 400th Superspeedway start this weekend at Talladega and the team couldn’t be more excited to get back to the race track. This past break was the team’s longest stretch of the year without racing and it was painfully LONG. Trust me when I say, that we are working our bums off to find additional funding to break this type of gap up and hopefully add additional races. With that said, can you believe the Wood Brothers could be making their 400th Superspeedway start this weekend? That is an impressive number and a lot of their success came at Talladega, with 6 poles and 5 wins. Three of these wins came with David Pearson behind the wheel, the other 2 with Donnie Allison and Neil Bonnett. Check out the video below to see what Leonard Wood had to say about his memories from Talladega!

~ Jordan

[youtube olvMyxdmnR0]

Memories at Talladega Superspeedway – Eddie Wood

Do you remember the first time you watched or went to a Talladega race? I stopped in with Eddie Wood today and asked him about his first Talladega experience. It involves a story about skipping school and Cale Yarborough racing without a windshield, you don’t want to miss this video!

[youtube rlFby6PBjUo]




Lessons with Leonard Wood – Success at Charlotte

It is Charlotte race week! The Wood Brothers success at Charlotte is remarkable, with 7 wins and 20 poles. The most astonishing statistic is that 13 of these poles were back to back, 11 with David Pearson and 2 with Neil Bonnett. It was no question that the Wood boys had figured out qualifying at Charlotte, holding the pole spot from October 1973-October 1979. The poles were not the only success the team had at Charlotte, they had 7 wins, dating back to the first Fall race ever held at Charlotte. We wanted to learn more about what that race like in 1960, so Jon stopped in for a quick chat with Leonard this week.

[youtube lccM-udQc80]

A Weekend with the Wood Family – Civil War Reenactment

Happy Monday!! Unfortunately, I am stuck at home with a vicious cold and a sneezing 3 month old. Therefore, I was not able to make it to the race shop today and gather the videos and stories that I planned on posting. I promise to have more racing post this week but for now you are stuck with a story about a fun weekend in Stuart, VA.

Our current race shop is in Harrisburg, NC but as most of you know, our hearts and homes are still in Stuart, VA. I live in North Carolina but as I have gotten older, you can’t seem to keep me from my hometown. What is not to love about the friendly and peaceful feel that Stuart has to offer? Breakfast at Nannie and Pa’s (Bernece & Glen Wood), The Stuart Family Restaurant or The Coffee Break, lunch at Tony’s and dinner at the Stuart Family Restaurant or El Rancho, all with the whole family present. This is our usual routine when we are in Stuart and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend the Stuart Family Restaurant, their buffalo chicken wrap is basically the BEST thing ever!

On our off weekends or when we are not working, we travel to Stuart and visit with the family and enjoy all the perks that a small town in the mountains has to offer. This weekend we packed up and went to the Civil War Reenactment at Laurel Hill, VA, the birthplace of Major General J.E.B. Stuart C.S.A. I had never been to a reenactment and didn’t really know what to expect, especially lugging a 3 month old and 2 year old around but it was a blast! It was so fascinating to see all the people dressed up and playing the roles, just as they did during the Civil War. We walked by the tents that people had set up for the weekend, bought some fun merchandise, listened to the Generals discuss strategy (my dad referred to this as the drivers meeting), had a mini picnic with hotdogs and BBQ and watched the reenactment of the war. If you have never been to a reenactment, it is worth a visit!

Here is the website for Laurel Hill














IMG_4107 IMG_4142














~ Jordan