A Look Back To The 2014 Holidays

Hello 2015! The Holidays have come and gone and the Daytona 500 is just around the corner! Before we start talking about the 500, I want to take a look back over the last month. Where did everyone spend the Holidays? Did you spend it with family? Travel anywhere adventurous? Take some time off work? We would love to hear what everyone did during the Holidays!

My family spent the majority of our time in Virginia. When we were not working, we were burning the roads to Virginia and I would not have had it any other way. Looking back on the last month, it has been so amazing to be able to spend so much time with my entire family. During the season it is very difficult for my husband to make it to Virginia because he travels every weekend. Therefore, we took full advantage of him having some time off work. We arranged our trips with my brother and his family so that we were all in Stuart at the same time. GiGi and PaPa had their hands full with 5 yorkies, 2 Labs, a 6 month old and a 2 year old all under the same roof! They handled it like champs and never missed a beat. I am pretty sure my mom is the energizer bunny. That woman is nonstop!

Our latest obsession is bowling and we spent A LOT of time at the local bowling alley, Tin Pen Alley. Jon, Michael, Amanda and I have our own bowling balls and shoes. However, the boys had to go the extra mile and purchase wrist guards, cleaning spray and rolling bags. I am sure it is quite hilarious to see us roll up into the bowling alley acting like we are professionals but then bowling a whopping 120. Okay, okay, Jon and Michael have been known to bowl in the mid-200s but Amanda and I are still working on perfecting our skills. When we were not bowling, we were chasing Riley around the house, entertaining Giselle, riding 4-wheelers, playing board games or eating.

Every morning we would have breakfast with Nannie and Pa at the Stuart Family Restaurant and many nights we would end up back in the same spot for dinner. Giselle usually ended up pitching a fit because it was nap time and Riley would run around yelling “keys, keys” because he thinks every time we go the Stuart Family Restaurant, he gets to put “Keys” (aka Quarters) into the machine and get a bouncy ball. I am pretty sure he has now collected around 30 balls and enjoys dumping them all in the floor at once.

Riley is in the “terrible 2s” stage but I like to refer to them as the “terrific 2s” because he is so funny and entertaining. Granted he has his moments where I am pretty sure he is related to Tasmanian Devil, like when he decided to flush a plastic cup down the toilet! My mom was in the bathroom and turned away for one second and then heard him yelling, “Cup Gone Gigi, Cup go Bye Bye”. That was an all-day project trying to retrieve the plastic cup from the toilet. In the end, Jon removed the entire toilet and then used a leaf blower to blow the cup out of the toilet. I am guessing he has experience with these types of destructive “accidents”??

After it was all said and done, this past Christmas/New Years has been one of my favorites to date! Being a mom puts a whole new spin on life and makes me appreciate these special times with my family so much more. Not to mention, it is very nice to have a house full of babysitters when we need them. Below are a few pictures I captured, featuring GiGi (Carol), PaPa (Eddie), Dada (Jon), BooBoo (Amanda), Ike (Michael) and Dordon (Me). Riley’s versions of our names are so much better than our actual names :).


IMG_6911 IMG_7248 Christmas5 IMG_6821 Christmas2 Christmas1