Lessons with Leonard Wood – Lawn Mower

Have you ever been in the process of mowing your lawn and thought, “hmmmm maybe I should invent my own lawn mower”? Leonard Wood had that same thought one day but he took it beyond just the thought. Leonard has a steep hill at his house that you have to use a push mower because a riding lawn mower would flip. He was tired of having to use the push mower on the hill because he was constantly “turning his ankles over”. To fix his problem, Leonard decided he would design and build his own riding lawn mower that would enable him to easily mow the steep hill. He built, from scratch, a 4-wheel drive, independent suspension, automatic riding lawn mower. This bad boy has a suspension like a race car and even though it only goes lawn mower speed now, he could make it go 100 mph! Only Leonard would design a lawn mower that could run as fast as a race car.

Check out the video to see the actual lawn mower!