Happy 64th Anniversary Glen and Bernece

Bernece and Glen Wood celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary this past weekend! That is absolutely incredible and we are very proud of them. As their granddaughter, I look up to them and their marriage in so many ways. In this day and age, where divorce statistics are at an all-time high, to say you are celebrating your 64th wedding anniversary is astonishing and I strive to be just like them. Anyone who is married or has been married will agree with me that marriage is no walk in the park. The dirty truth is marriage is difficult and we have to work hard to make it last.

Thankfully, I have my grandparents to look up to when it comes to marriage. Bernece and Glen have an amazing relationship and I aspire to have the same relationship with my husband 64 years from now, if it is the Lord’s will. They have an unconditional love for each other and it shows in every aspect of their life. I truly believe that their relationship is the reason my family is celebrating their 65th year in racing. They have shown us all how a successful relationship works and I believe that ultimately has affected how we treat each other, business partners and employees. Anyone who has ever worked with my family will agree that they treat everyone as if they are a part of the Wood family. That type of love stems from my grandparents marriage and relationship.

Happy Anniversary Nannie and Pa, we all thank you for showing us what marriage is about and love you to the moon and back!

Glen & Bernece on honeymoon0001 Bernece & Glen#1