A Wood Family Christmas Tradition

The Wood family held their annual Christmas gathering a couple weeks ago in Stuart, VA. Every year the entire Wood family gets together two times, once in the summer and once around Christmas. It is an event that I look forward to every year.

In the summer, the gathering is usually held at the Wood Brothers home place in Stuart, VA but during the winter it is held at the Wood Brothers Racing shop in Stuart, VA. “The gathering has been taking place as far back as I remember”, stated Kim Hall. All four living Wood Brothers and sister attended the gathering with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. One of my favorite Christmas reunion traditions is the handmade ornaments that Crystal Wood makes every year for each family. The ornaments are made from Nannie Wood’s, the original Wood Brothers’ mother, household items and each year the ornament is different. We will have a special blog on the ornaments at a later date.

The family gathering is an event that I look forward to every year. This is the only time that I get to see some of the family and it is great that we all take time out of our busy life’s to come together.