Leonard Wood Bust Eddie and Len Wood

Birthday celebrations always last for more than a day, well at least mine do, so I am going to keep the tradition going. Since we celebrated Leonard’s birthday yesterday, the next couple posts will be about him. Leonard always tells the best stories about his racing experiences and personal life, so I thought it would be fun to turn the tables and tell a favorite story about Leonard. In the video, Eddie tells a story about how Leonard Wood busted him.





Happy Birthday Leonard!!!

IMG_3664Today is a special day for the Wood Brothers. Leonard Wood is celebrating his 80th birthday and for those of you who know Leonard, he is 80 going on 20 :) . Leonard is quite possibly the most brilliant man I know, not to mention the baddest and raddest 80 year old ever to exist. What other 80 year old do you know that rocks designer clothes, listens to the latest music and hangs out with JAKE OWEN?? Between his latest racing project and his fun-filled personal life, he could have his own TV show, “Keeping up with Leonard”.

IMG_3651Leonard continues to amaze us all with his energizer bunny attitude and a mind that never ages. One of his latest projects is a miniature replica of the 1965 Lotus that he built for my nephew, Riley. I remember when he started the project, I walked back to his work area and he had about 50 papers spread all over the table. He was telling me that each part was going to be identical to the original Lotus and going through the steps of his master plan, which was based on images of the Lotus and not a single blueprint or whatever the mechanics/engineers use these days. I was amazed then but when I saw the project finished, I was speechless! Leonard was impressed with himself too, saying, “Not to many 80-year olds could make something like this”. Yes Leonard, you are correct and you are a GENIUS in my book.





IMG_3662 IMG_3661



















So here is to you Leonard Wood, have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


~ Jordan


Iphone Junkies

The Wood family has a slight obsession with having the latest and greatest technology. Therefore, September is a highly anticipated month every year because of the announcement and release of the new Iphone. You know those crazy people that you hear of sleeping outside of the stores and staying up all night to preorder the newest Iphone? Well I hate to admit it but a few of us Wood members are guilty of this ridiculous behavior every year.

Every year, when Apple announces they have a new phone releasing, we (Eddie, Jon, my husband and I) all start rearranging our phone plans, snatching up each other’s upgrades and selling every Apple device in the house in preparation for the BIG day.  We are “those” people who wake up at 2:00 am to preorder our Iphone at 3:00 am every year. If we can’t preorder or get it on the exact date it releases, we “camp out” outside of the store to be the first in line to buy the phone.  In preparation for this year, I actually visited the store to confirm that I would be able to order one based on my upgrade date. I was extrememly embarrassed when the store associate said, “you may want to get here several hours early because a few years ago we actually had someone come straight from a Panthers game and spend the night outside the store”. Little did the assiociote know that was my husband and me.  Call us crazy but we love our Iphones.

Let the tradition continue………

Giselle IMG_9088



Lessons with Leonard Wood – Joe Weatherly

Joe Weatherly won two championships and 25 races in NASCAR’s premier series and will be inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame on January 30, 2015.  Like many others that have been inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Joe Weatherly plays a part in the history of the Wood Brothers.  In 1960, competing against 8 current NASCAR Hall of Famers, Joe Weatherly took the #16 1958 Wood Brothers Ford to victory lane at the Charlotte Fairgrounds.

I stopped in with Leonard Wood to get a glimpse of what that race was like in 1960.



 ~ Jordan