A Weekend with the Wood Family – Civil War Reenactment

Happy Monday!! Unfortunately, I am stuck at home with a vicious cold and a sneezing 3 month old. Therefore, I was not able to make it to the race shop today and gather the videos and stories that I planned on posting. I promise to have more racing post this week but for now you are stuck with a story about a fun weekend in Stuart, VA.

Our current race shop is in Harrisburg, NC but as most of you know, our hearts and homes are still in Stuart, VA. I live in North Carolina but as I have gotten older, you can’t seem to keep me from my hometown. What is not to love about the friendly and peaceful feel that Stuart has to offer? Breakfast at Nannie and Pa’s (Bernece & Glen Wood), The Stuart Family Restaurant or The Coffee Break, lunch at Tony’s and dinner at the Stuart Family Restaurant or El Rancho, all with the whole family present. This is our usual routine when we are in Stuart and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend the Stuart Family Restaurant, their buffalo chicken wrap is basically the BEST thing ever!

On our off weekends or when we are not working, we travel to Stuart and visit with the family and enjoy all the perks that a small town in the mountains has to offer. This weekend we packed up and went to the Civil War Reenactment at Laurel Hill, VA, the birthplace of Major General J.E.B. Stuart C.S.A. I had never been to a reenactment and didn’t really know what to expect, especially lugging a 3 month old and 2 year old around but it was a blast! It was so fascinating to see all the people dressed up and playing the roles, just as they did during the Civil War. We walked by the tents that people had set up for the weekend, bought some fun merchandise, listened to the Generals discuss strategy (my dad referred to this as the drivers meeting), had a mini picnic with hotdogs and BBQ and watched the reenactment of the war. If you have never been to a reenactment, it is worth a visit!

Here is the website for Laurel Hill
















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~ Jordan


Eddie Wood’s All-Time Top Race Memories

When you have been in racing as long as Eddie Wood, you have seen the best of the best, the worst of the worst and everything that comes in the middle. Eddie may be a co-owner of one of NASCAR’s most historical race teams but first and foremost he is a NASCAR fan. Like all other NASCAR fans, he has his all-time favorite race memories and he shares a few of them below! Do these match up with any of your favorite memories?


1.  1976 Daytona 500 – Won with David Pearson. I was the only person on the radio with David during the race. On the last lap he and Richard crashed coming to the checker.


2.  2011 Daytona 500 – Trevor’s first win and we hadn’t won a race for a long time. Watched as Richard Petty took my Dad to Victory Lane.


3.  1972 Daytona 500- Won the race with AJ Foyt. He dominated the race from start to finish.


4.  1986 Richmond 400 - Won race with Kyle Petty.  Kyle’s first win. It was unexpected. He went out of sight running fifth and came off turn four to the line as the winner.


5.  1991 Michigan 400 – Won with Dale Jarrett. Was Dale’s first win and was a very exciting finish with Davey Allison and Dale. Dale won by 18 inches.


Riley’s Clubhouse Birthday Party

Riley bday 1This past weekend was full of birthday celebrations for Riley Wood. Amanda, his mom, organized a Mickey Mouse birthday party that was held at the shop in Stuart. The party was a blast and perfect for a 2 year olds’ birthday celebration, not overkill but just the right type of party for everyone to spend time with Riley and each other. I am sure many of our readers have toddlers, grandchildren, nieces or nephews that they may plan a party for one day, so I thought it would be interesting to get some pointers on how Amanda planned this perfect celebration. I realize this is not related to racing but I thought it would be fun see how this little monkey boy celebrated his 2nd birthday and give a little advice on how to have a great toddler birthday party!


1. Theme – “Go with what they are into, Riley is a huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan so I knew it was something he would enjoy.”

2. Food – “Less is best, just keep it simple and fun, doesn’t need to be fancy. After all, as long as there was “coo” (ketchup), “Chep” (Chips) and “Coooookieee” (Cake, cookies and everything sweet), Riley was completely satisfied. I chose to have “Hot Diggity Dogs”, “Mickey Burgers”, “Donald’s Quackslaw”, “Plu-Ta-To Chips”, “Gooey Goofy Dip” and “Minnie’s Bowtastic Pasta”.”

3. Decorations – “Unless you enjoy crafts, keep it simple because they are basically just for picture purposes.”

4. Guest – “Know your guest, I only invited 3 other children so I didn’t do a lot of games and things, I just kept it simple with lunch, cake and gifts.”

5. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! – “Fun, creative, simple, less expensive ideas!”

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Riley also had a mini birthday celebration at El Rancho in Stuart, here is a video clip of the celebrations! He prefers dinner with his shirt off and wasn’t to sure about the sombrero :) .







Happy 2nd Birthday Riley Wood

Iphone 031Two years ago my brother, Jon, and his wife, Amanda, welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Riley, into this world. Riley celebrated his 2 year birthday this past weekend, so it is only appropriate to dedicate a couple post about him this week. This is easy because after all, Riley is Jon Wood’s child and he has lived up to that reputation. There is never a dull or quiet moment when Riley is around.

When Amanda was pregnant with Riley, everyone kept telling me that our family would be changed forever. How would it change my family’s world? We wouldn’t be the ones changing dirty diapers or getting up in the middle of the night. I never understood this comment until September 28, 2012, the day our family was blessed with this little miracle.

The pregnancy had been quite the surprise for my family; we just weren’t expecting it quite yet but none the less very excited once we heard the news. Okay, okay, it took a little while to sink in because my family had not had a baby around since me, so we really didn’t know what to expect and were all slightly nervous, I mean this is Jon Wood’s child we are talking about. We are a very open family with very, very, very few, if any, secrets, so of course Jon spilled the news the minute they saw the two lines on the pregnancy test. He sent me a text and told me I was going to be an Aunt, so in true Jordan Wood fashion, my response was, “Oh my gosh, you got another dog”. His is response was, “seriously Jordan, NO, NO, NO A BABY”. Once I found the news out, it spread like wildfire and we all began to prepare for this little nugget.

Iphone 022Fast forward 9 months, I woke up on September 28th, to several phone calls and text messages, IT WAS TIME! My mom, aunt and I had actually planned a NYC trip and of course we were scheduled to leave that night. As stated before, we had not had a baby in the family in a while so us being the go getters we are just thought, she would have the baby, we would kiss him and hold him and then happily peace out of the hospital and go to NYC for the weekend. HA joke was on us, that weekend was the longest weekend ever and for once we could not wait to get home and love on Riley.

The minute Riley was born, my life and my family’s life was changed forever. I will never forget walking into the room and seeing my brother hold his son, this perfect little blessing from God. The look on my dad’s eyes when he held him for the first time and continued to hold him until…well he still won’t share and put him down. Everything I thought I knew about my life changed that day and it wasn’t even my baby.

We are so thankful for this little monkey and thankful that his parents allow us to be so involved in his life. Happy Birthday Riley, we love you and look forward to the many, many more adventures, smiles and laughs with you.

Moral of the story…Be thankful for the time you have with your family, embrace every moment and never question God’s plan.

~ Jordan

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