Happy 2nd Birthday Riley Wood

Iphone 031Two years ago my brother, Jon, and his wife, Amanda, welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Riley, into this world. Riley celebrated his 2 year birthday this past weekend, so it is only appropriate to dedicate a couple post about him this week. This is easy because after all, Riley is Jon Wood’s child and he has lived up to that reputation. There is never a dull or quiet moment when Riley is around.

When Amanda was pregnant with Riley, everyone kept telling me that our family would be changed forever. How would it change my family’s world? We wouldn’t be the ones changing dirty diapers or getting up in the middle of the night. I never understood this comment until September 28, 2012, the day our family was blessed with this little miracle.

The pregnancy had been quite the surprise for my family; we just weren’t expecting it quite yet but none the less very excited once we heard the news. Okay, okay, it took a little while to sink in because my family had not had a baby around since me, so we really didn’t know what to expect and were all slightly nervous, I mean this is Jon Wood’s child we are talking about. We are a very open family with very, very, very few, if any, secrets, so of course Jon spilled the news the minute they saw the two lines on the pregnancy test. He sent me a text and told me I was going to be an Aunt, so in true Jordan Wood fashion, my response was, “Oh my gosh, you got another dog”. His is response was, “seriously Jordan, NO, NO, NO A BABY”. Once I found the news out, it spread like wildfire and we all began to prepare for this little nugget.

Iphone 022Fast forward 9 months, I woke up on September 28th, to several phone calls and text messages, IT WAS TIME! My mom, aunt and I had actually planned a NYC trip and of course we were scheduled to leave that night. As stated before, we had not had a baby in the family in a while so us being the go getters we are just thought, she would have the baby, we would kiss him and hold him and then happily peace out of the hospital and go to NYC for the weekend. HA joke was on us, that weekend was the longest weekend ever and for once we could not wait to get home and love on Riley.

The minute Riley was born, my life and my family’s life was changed forever. I will never forget walking into the room and seeing my brother hold his son, this perfect little blessing from God. The look on my dad’s eyes when he held him for the first time and continued to hold him until…well he still won’t share and put him down. Everything I thought I knew about my life changed that day and it wasn’t even my baby.

We are so thankful for this little monkey and thankful that his parents allow us to be so involved in his life. Happy Birthday Riley, we love you and look forward to the many, many more adventures, smiles and laughs with you.

Moral of the story…Be thankful for the time you have with your family, embrace every moment and never question God’s plan.

~ Jordan

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Lessons with Leonard Wood – Dover Days

It’s race day at the Monster Mile! The Wood Brothers are not racing today but their history at Dover tracks back to the 1970′s, way before the nickname the “Monster Mile” was ever created. Leonard, Glen and the Wood Brothers team visited victory lane at Dover 8 times, 5 times with David Pearson and 2 times with Neil Bonnett. With Leonard Wood’s smarts and Neil Bonnett and David Pearsons’ top gun driving skills, the team dominated at Dover between the years of 1972 & 1981, taking the checkered flag 3 times in a row in 1972 and 1973.

Leonard Wood’s memories at Dover are countless. In the video below, he shared a couple with me.


Dover Victory1975 Mason Dixon 500 (Dover)










Family Member Spotlight – Leonard Wood

This week’s “Family Member Spotlight” is going to be on Leonard Wood. We all know Leonard Wood, the creator of the modern pit stop and the mastermind behind the success of the number 21, but lets take a closer look into his life.

10671408_10153190999684502_8907042237727143951_nFamily – Leonard has one daughter, Beth Witt, and two grandchildren, Carlin and Gracen Witt. “Beth is the greatest daughter anyone could have and supports me more than 100%”, stated Leonard. His late wife, Betty Mae, passed away in 1997 from a fatal car accident that occurred on the family’s way home from the Charlotte All-Star race. “Betty Mae was always 100% behind me and is missed dearly”, said Leonard. Carlin is 22 years old and has a very busy year ahead of her. She plans to graduate from Virginia Tech in December and is getting married in 2015. Gracen is 18 years old and is a freshman at Virginia Tech. Beth and her husband, Kelly, also graduated from Virginia Tech. GO HOKIES! “When family is behind you, you make life work”.



Leonard has a dear friend, Lori Banks, that travels with him and keeps his life organized. “Lori is a great friend to me, we help each other out with things and she keeps me updated with what is going on with the computer. We have been great friends for about 7 years and she knows more about my racing career and life than I do”, stated Leonard.

Favorite Race Track – When asked this question, Leonard just couldn’t give me one answer, he gave me several. Coincidentally, all the tracks were where the Wood Brothers had their greatest success.

1. Charlotte and Atlanta – “We had the most poles at Charlotte but we won the most races at Atlanta”

2. Daytona – “Daytona is the most prestigious race to win”

3. Michigan – “We won a lot of races at Michigan, when you get the right setup it is fun to race there”

4. Darlington – “We have a lot of history at Darlington, won a lot of races with several different drivers. Everyone wanted to win the Southern 500″

IMG_365880th Birthday Celebration – Leonard had two birthday celebrations, one was a celebration at Primland Resort and the other one was held at the race shop in Stuart for friends and family. One of the highlights of his birthday celebration at Primland was meeting Harold Primat, Swiss racing driver, and Tom Kristensen, 9 time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Both of which signed a 21 race car door, given to him by Eddie and Len, that everyone at both parties signed.







Leonard Wood Bust Eddie and Len Wood

Birthday celebrations always last for more than a day, well at least mine do, so I am going to keep the tradition going. Since we celebrated Leonard’s birthday yesterday, the next couple posts will be about him. Leonard always tells the best stories about his racing experiences and personal life, so I thought it would be fun to turn the tables and tell a favorite story about Leonard. In the video, Eddie tells a story about how Leonard Wood busted him.