Wood Brothers and Motorcraft/Quick Lane Are Proud To Be A Part Of Ford Championship Weekend

_CZC4983In their 64 seasons on the NASCAR circuit (now known as Sprint Cup) the Wood Brothers race team and Ford Motor Company have worked hand-in-hand to give Blue Oval fans plenty to cheer about on race days.

For the Woods and their No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane team, there’s no better way to close out a season than to be a part of the Ford Championship Weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

With Ford sponsoring the weekend, as well as being the title sponsor of all three season-ending races for NASCAR’s top touring divisions, the race has a “home track” feel for Ford and its executives.

“This weekend is always a big one for us,” said Eddie Wood, one of the co-owners of the No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion. “Michigan International Speedway is considered Ford’s home track, but Homestead is a special place for them too. All the Ford executives will be there, and it’s also a big weekend for Motorcraft and Quick Lane.”

Wood, like many others in the Ford racing family, will be closely following the battle for the Sprint Cup championship, where Joey Logano and his No. 22 Ford Fusion from Team Penske will carry the company colors in the four-team championship battle that will play out during Sunday’s Ford EcoBoost 400.

“Of course our focus will be on the No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion and ending the season with a strong run,” Wood said. “But we’ll also be pulling for our fellow Ford driver in the Chase for the Championship.”

Wood said he’s encouraged by the speed his Fusions have shown this season, even if the finishes don’t always reflect it.

“We’ve had a lot of fast cars, but for one reason or another haven’t had the results to show for it,” he said. “So far there are only 43 cars entered this weekend, so that should allow us to work more on our race setup a little more, rather than to have to totally focus on getting the car in the field.”

“Our goal is to be running at the end of the race and have a shot at a good finish.”

Qualifying for the Ford EcoBoost 400 is set for Friday at 6:15 p.m. Eastern Time, and the race should get the green flag just after 3 p.m. on Sunday with TV coverage on ESPN.


Halloween with the Woods

I am fully aware that October 31st has come and gone but it is never to late for some Halloween fun! My family has always been a big fan of dressing up for Halloween and doing the traditional Trick-or-Treating. Some of our costumes as children included Raggedy Ann and Andy, Clowns, Vampires, A Fairy Princess, a lion and even the Coneheads from the movie “Coneheads”. My brother and I have kept the tradition alive in our own families.

Iphone  11-4-14 962My husband, Michael, and I love Halloween. We usually go all out, decorating the house with clowns, fake blood, blow ups and music (see video below of Halloween 2013). Michael even keeps a clown mask in the garage year round to give me a good scare every once and a while. This year we failed and didn’t put up a single decoration due to having a little precious 5 month old drama queen but that didn’t stop us from dressing up the little princess. We were planning to be in Texas for Halloween, so I knew we would not be taking her out for Trick or Treating this year. I couldn’t decide what to dress her as because I wanted her to be comfortable and we also have a diaper problem. Therefore, I knew I would need two costumes. I decided to go with a cute kitten and a Whoopee Cushion costume. If you have to buy a backup Halloween costume then it is only appropriate to buy a Whoopee Cushion costume. It does not matter how old you are a Whoopee Cushion never gets old! I am sure that Whoopee Cushion photo will be in her high school yearbook one day but I just couldn’t resist….poor girl has no idea :)

Iphone  11-4-14 960My brother has a insanely weird obsession with candy and he has passed this down to his son, Riley. This was Riley’s first year going Trick or Treating and once he figured out what it all meant, he had a new favorite Holiday…..well for 30 minutes until he was over it like every other toddler I am sure. Jon and Amanda dressed Riley up as Mickey Mouse because it is his favorite TV show. It is one of the few things that keeps Riley’s attention. Mickey Mouse wasn’t so happy in his costume but he enjoyed the candy after the night was over!

Tell us about your costume or your kid’s costume!IMG_5235






Wood Family Spotlight – Eddie Wood

10628145_10152618505228145_4264316066479303327_nThe Wood family spotlight this week is on my dad, Eddie Wood. Eddie is a co-owner of Wood Brothers Racing and is one of the most passionate race fans I have ever met. Our family has always been in racing because of their love for the sport and Eddie displays this every day. Some say he loves racing because it is all he has ever known but I honestly think he would be a diehard fan regardless.

Family – Throughout his NASCAR journey, family has remained number 1 in his life, with the car 21 coming in a close second :) . He met my mom, 970575_10100834206505637_836879857_nCarol, in high school and has been hooked on her since. They have two children, my brother, Jon, and myself and two grandchildren, Riley and Giselle. Jon recently married his wife, Amanda, and they have a two-year old son, Riley. I have been married for almost two years and have a 5 month old daughter, Giselle. Riley and Giselle are the apple of my dad’s eye. He adores both grandchildren and is honestly the best “PaPa” that anyone could ever ask for. My dad has always been the type of father that will go above and beyond for his children and he is the same way with Riley and Giselle. He has been known to make the 2 hour drive from Virginia to North Carolina just to babysit Giselle or Riley for an hour! And trust me both kids are a handful…Giselle has screaming fits of which you cannot stop and Riley could easily climb on top of the house if you don’t keep your eye on him 24/7.

Favorite Race Track – “Daytona, always Daytona.” Eddie said he loved Daytona for many reasons:

1. “It is the race to win, always has been the race to win and always will be the race to win”.

2. “We have had a lot of success at Daytona, both in February and July”.

3. “It is just where you are supposed to be in February”.

Favorite Race Track Food -If you know the Wood family, they are very picky eaters and they stick to what they like. Therefore, Eddie’s answer was not shocking. “If I am at Martinsville, then of course it is the Martinsville Hotdog, but any other track it is Armour Vienna Sausage and VanCamp’s Beanee Weenees”.

Favorite Hobby – Okay, so I forgot to ask Eddie this question but I can answer it for him. HISTORY! Let me tell you, this man has a respect for all things historical. It doesn’t matter if it is the history of a football team or the history of a toy (example: his beloved toy a Yo-Yo), if it has been around for a while then he knows about it and loves it. Obviously, the history of the Wood Brothers and NASCAR is at the top of his list. He spends his free time researching old races and cars and “hunting down” old pictures. If you follow Wood Brothers Racing on social media you have seen many of our throwback pictures and Eddie is to thank for all those pictures.

First job at Wood Brothers Racing – I captured this answer in the video below!

10262169_10101385911339727_5654817159505799002_n 10462660_10101394044685437_4200849756410923334_n 1557683_10202710014899590_13407068_n Wedding Pictures 410


Passion and Competitiveness Back in NASCAR

How did everyone like the race at Texas on Sunday?? Aside from our results, I thought the end of the race was AMAZING! Yes, the fight included! I am sure most everyone was uncertain about the new chase format. No doubt, there are still haters out there but bottom line….the past few weeks have been the best racing I have seen in a while. Not going to lie, I love a good NASCAR fight, I mean who doesn’t love the drama that it creates? However, it is not the fights I love seeing but it is the passion and competitiveness of the teams and drivers that is so awesome. Our sport has lacked this for some time and I think it is finally back, all thanks to the new chase format. It has created a must win or go home a loser situation for the teams, which is exactly what NASCAR has needed. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Brad K. fan or a Gordon fan, it was awesome to see the rage these two displayed over the final laps at Texas.

I actually had to leave the race early because we were flying back commercial with my daughter, Giselle. Of course our flight takes off right as the race ends but I paid the extra bucks to follow along on Twitter. My eyes were glued to Twitter as I read tweets about the drama unfolding. I watched the replay of the final laps and the fight several times when I got home. My husband and I actually watched in amazement as the crowd went NUTS when the fight started. Honestly, when is the last time, other than when Dale Junior wins a race, that the crowd stayed and cheered 10 minutes after the checkered flag dropped?

Love it or hate it, this chase has spiced things up and I can’t wait to see how everything plays out over the next two weeks. We honestly for once have ZERO clue who will win the championship, it can be 8 different drivers right now.

Check out what Eddie Wood thinks of the fight Sunday at Texas in the video below!!