Keven Wood

Keven Wood


NAME Keven Wood I BIRTHDATE : August, 21, 1984 I HOMETOWN Stuart, VA I MARITAL STATUS Single

Driver Bio

Keven Wood, the 25-year old son of Wood Brothers Racing team owner Len Wood, began his racing career in the fall of 2002. In his 1st Winter Heat Series, he finished in the top-10 in the overall points standings in the INEX Legends Semi-pro division. As the INEX point season started in late March, Keven steadily climbed into the top 10 in the National Semi-pro standings, putting together a strong rookie season. Keven had 32 division wins out of 56 points races that he entered and clinched the National Semi-pro point title the final week of the season. He won 11 of his final 13 races for a come behind victory that included the Virginia State Championship, as well. Keven competed with over 600 drivers that vied for the title.
Keven Wood in the #21 Ford NASCAR Truck
Keven moved on to the elite Pro division in the INEX Legends in 2004 and was able to secure 9 victories and reached as high as 2nd in the National Pro Points. Keven gave up his quest for the National Pro Legends title to pursue an opportunity to drive a Late Model Stock Car granted to him in late May. Keven began to explore the world of Late Model Stock cars, starting 11 events in 2004. He gathered one pole and one win in his early adventure into this difficult series.

The 2005 season provided Keven ample seat time as he raced in 23 NASCAR Dodge Weekly Racing Series events. With one runner-up finish and seven top five’s in this ultra competitive series, Keven’s learning curve was enhanced greatly. In 2006, Keven added another Late Model Stock win to his resume. Keven competed again in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series in 2007, capturing a victory early in the season at Caraway (NC) Speedway, while racing in both Virginia and North Carolina.

In 2008, Keven competed in the NASCAR Truck Series, sharing the ride with cousin, Jon Wood, which made perfect sense to the Wood Family, one of the most legendary names in the business. And if Keven has anything to say about it, he will be doing his level-best to carry on the rich tradition before him.

Keven Wood - Victory Lane at Caraway SpeedwayFor Keven Wood, his 2009 Season culminated by bringing home the Caraway Speedway Legends track championship.  In route to that accomplishment, he won the final 4 feature races.  Despite missing the first 2 races of the season, Keven overcame that deficit to finish the season with 11 top 5’s in 12 starts.

“This has been an unbelievable season for us.  Not having raced in the INEX Legends Series in over 4 years, I knew I was in for a challenge to pick up where I left off in 2003 and 2004.  Our season would not have been this successful had it not been for Curt Andrews’ powerful engine and Dan Snyder’s exceptional setup and tire cutting.  I would also like to thank my Uncle, Terry Hall, for ‘dragging’ my car to the track for every race.  Also, I would like to commend my fellow competitors, especially Jan Ingram and Daniel Hemric for providing great competition and clean racing.”

Keven’s racing plans for 2012 are still undecided, leaving his options open should sponsorship or driving opportunities become available.


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Year Races Division Wins
2002 3 Legends - Semi-Pro 0
2003 70 INEX Legends Semi-Pro National Champion 35
2003 3 INEX Legends Semi-Pro VA State Champion 0
2003 1 Thunder - Roadster 0
2004 42 Legends - Pro 9
2004 11 LMS 1
2005 3 Legends - Pro 2
2005 23 LMS 0
2006 23 LMS 1
2006 2 Super LMS 0
2007 11 LMS 1
2007 1 Super LMS 0
2007 1 NASCAR Truck Series 0
2007 6 LMS 0
2008 8 NASCAR Truck Series 0
2009 12 Legends - Pro 4
2010 20 Legends - Pro 6
2011 24 Legends - Pro 4
2012 21 Legends - Pro 4
Totals 285 - - 67