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Leonard Wood’s Little Car is a Shade-Tree Engineering Marvel

Of all the exhibits in the Wood Brothers Museum in Stuart, Va., it is one of the littlest ones that tell one of the biggest stories. It’s a little home-made car that Leonard Wood built when he was just 13 years old. It’s a marvel of shade-tree engineering and a sure sign that even as […]


Wood Brothers Appearance with 1965 Indy-Winning Lotus at Goodwood Festival of Speed

In the 60 years that the Wood Brothers of Stuart, Va., have been racing automobiles, there have been many memorable moments. But few define the innovation and professionalism of the team as well as the 41.9 seconds they worked on pit road during the 1965 Indianapolis 500. That was the total time the late great […]

The Wood Brothers’ Father Was an Innovator Too

John Walter Wood isn’t a name one would naturally associate with major-league motorsports. In his day, he refused to drive faster than 35 miles per hour. He worked in the coal fields during the days of the Great Depression, but his natural-born mechanical skills soon led to a career working on automobiles. His contribution to […]

Wood Brothers, Ford Lead the Way at Michigan

When NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series races at Michigan International Speedway, almost in the backyards of the American auto makers, any race team worth its salt tries to steer the bragging rights to their own manufacturer. And over the years, it’s been the folks at Ford Motor Company who have been in position to do the […]