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Crystal’s Christmas Ornaments Evoke Precious Wood Family Memories

The racing accomplishments of the Wood Brothers over the past 61 years are well documented. Their on-track records have been compiled by NASCAR statisticians and are now available to all simply by a few clicks of a computer’s mouse. And other parts of the team’s history, artifacts that tell even more of the story, can […]


Back Seat Driving Was A Glen Wood Specialty

When it comes to back seat driving, Glen Wood was among the best. But Wood’s back seat driving didn’t involve nagging the one behind the wheel. He did his back seat driving from the back seat. If you’ve been to the Wood Brothers Racing Museum in Stuart, Va., or saw races back in the day […]

Careful Car Preparation a Wood Brothers Tradition

Tradition is a big part of the culture and heritage of the Wood Brothers Motorcraft/Quick Lane race team, the family-owned outfit that has been a bedrock of NASCAR for the past 60 years. The No. 21 team, throughout its existence, has been known for having hard-working, enterprising and dedicated people preparing their race cars. For […]

Wood Brothers Appearance with 1965 Indy-Winning Lotus at Goodwood Festival of Speed

In the 60 years that the Wood Brothers of Stuart, Va., have been racing automobiles, there have been many memorable moments. But few define the innovation and professionalism of the team as well as the 41.9 seconds they worked on pit road during the 1965 Indianapolis 500. That was the total time the late great […]