Wood Brothers Racing No. 21 Puralotor Mercury Hits The Track At Darlington Once Again

Wood Brothers Racing No. 21 Purolator Mercury Hits The Track At Darlington Once Again

Darlington, SC (April 17, 2008)-It was a clear sunny afternoon at Darlington Raceway on Wednesday as Leonard Wood made a last minute check over his restoration work of the legendary no. 21 Purolator Mercury and fired it up as it sat on pit road of the “Track Too Tough To Tame.” Wood said, “I’m going to warm it up before they get here.”

Leonard spoke about David Pearson and Carl Edwards as he excitedly awaited their arrival. They were flying in on Edwards’ plane at any moment at the nearby airport. As they pulled up, Wood cut the engine off and went to greet them. Carl Edwards looked over the race car in amazement. He said, “I wish I could have driven a car like this and raced in that era, it’s amazing.”

Pearson reacquainted himself with his old friend after so many years as he looked over race car and rubbed his hand on the window where his name is printed below. The photographers clicked the cameras and the reporters asked questions. After the media session, Carl put on his fire suit and Pearson climbed in the race car in his street clothes. Leonard helped buckle him in and put the window net up.

Pearson fired it up, put it in gear and was gone. This was the commencement of a historical racing event. Old and new converged as Carl Edwards drove a new Ford Fusion COT and David Pearson in the original race car he had won 11 out of 18 races. One of those wins being at Darlington Raceway 34 years ago.

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