Wood Brothers Racing Las Vegas NCTS Preview

Wood Brothers Racing Las Vegas NCTS Preview
Jon Wood to Pilot the no. 21 U.S. Air Force F-150 in the Qwik Liner Las Vegas 350

Harrisburg, NC (September 17, 2008)-Jon Wood is back behind the wheel driving the no. 21 U.S. Air Force Ford F-150 and will head to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Qwik Liner Las Vegas 350 on Saturday, September 20th.  The Wood Brothers Racing team had a good run in 2007 as Jon Wood led 49 laps and brought home a third place finish.  He looks forward to a repeat of last year’s performance as the 21 team is going back with the same race truck and setup.

Jon Wood on Las Vegas Motor Speedway:

“Vegas was good to me last year and I believe that I led the most laps. This is a track where we will probably run wide open. You go to some race tracks and talk amongst other drivers saying that your running wide open, but you’re really not. You may be feathering it a little bit in the corners. But in Vegas, you really are, all out– wide open. It’s a fast place. With the horsepower change this year from last year and since we don’t have quite as much power, I’ve experienced more on-throttle time this year than in years past, so I would expect to see wide open racing the entire time.”

Will the track change during the race?

“The track really won’t change. If the race were to start later in the afternoon and go into night time then you would see a change, but since the race is short in duration and the sun is already down, the track is going to be as fast as its going to get. It’s really cool to be able to race there at night.”

Tech Talk with Crew Chief John Monsam

What’s the key to Las Vegas Motor Speedway?

“Run wide open as long as you can. Roush-Yates Engines provides us with the best and do everything they can to give us what we need to win. I trust the people over there and I know they work hard. I appreciate everything they do for us.”

“Last year we ran wide open for 40 laps, that’s with the extra horse power. This year, I expect that we have to be a bit freer. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a great place to race. Not just for the atmosphere but its beautiful race track. I really enjoy going there.”

What are your expectations for the Qwik Liner Las Vegas 350?

“I feel like Jon adapts extremely well to this place and we have a good setup. I just want to duplicate what we did last year. That’s putting a little pressure on ourselves because to run as well as we did and lead that many laps; we were just that fast. I’m going to go there and try to win the race. It’s not always the most realistic thing to think that we should always win a race considering we haven’t put ourselves in consistent contention to win but, I go to every race thinking that we can win and I think that’s the only way you can approach things. You’ve got to know that you’re giving it everything that you can. I’ve got to thank all of the guys on this team because I know that they’ve given everything that they can.”

Watch Jon Wood and Wood Brothers Racing in the Qwik Liner Las Vegas 350 on Saturday, September 20th with coverage starting at 9:00p.m. ET on Speed.