Keven Wood Looking Forward to First Run at Gateway International Raceway

Keven Wood Looking Forward to First Run at Gateway International Raceway

Harrisburg, NC (September 2, 2008)-Keven Wood will make his first start at Gateway International Raceway in the Wood Brothers Racing no. 21 U.S. Air Force Ford F-150 for the Camping World 200 on Saturday, September 6th in St. Louis. Keven is looking forward to the new challenge of racing one of the toughest tracks on the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series circuit.

Keven Wood On Gateway International Raceway

How do you feel about racing at Gateway with never seeing it before?

“I’ve only seen the track on T.V., so it’s going to be another new one for me. I anticipate that it’s going to be like a bigger Milwaukee. It’s a unique track on to itself; I’ll just take it as it comes. I watch past races on DVD to help prepare. I’m not big into the computer games.  I just watch and talk to people, that’s about all I can do and just get out there and do it.”

What will be your biggest challenge?

“Finding the line seems to be the biggest challenge, but at any track it’s just finding the line and its braking points and where to get back on the gas hard. Once you figure all of those things out everything else just comes to you a little bit easier and falls into place.
I’ll try to get behind some of the veterans and follow them and see what they’re doing and talk to them before practice and see what they can tell me about the place, other than that, I just have to go out there and do it. I really just hope to get a good finish for the team and the U.S. Air Force.”

Can you use what you learned from the previous race (Nashville) to help with the learning curve at Gateway?

“This is another flat track; Nashville had a lot of banking. Since we were involved in an incident early on, I couldn’t really use anything from that to prepare for Gateway. I just put it in the back of my mind and keep going forward. Coming off of Nashville, it was a big boost in confidence running as strong as we did.  Each week is different. It’s just a different track and a different situation. I don’t really try to use the momentum from past races to go to the next one. I just start fresh and go at 100%, if it falls, it falls. But then we do whatever we can to build it back up. Wipe the slate clean and start fresh.”

Tech Talk with Crew Chief John Monsam

“This will be my fourth year going to Gateway with a rookie, so I’m experienced in working with driver who has never run on the track before.  Gateway is one of the toughest tracks that we go to and it’s mostly veterans who run well there.”

What makes this track challenging?

“It has two corners that are completely different. One corner is long,sweeping and flat like Milwaukee and the other corner is banked and egg shaped. It’s D-shaped like Darlington, but with the different corners.
The biggest challenge for a driver is that they tend to overdrive the turns, the entry of turn one and the exit of turn four which makes you want to go straight and that’s not what you want to do.
It is also a track where you need horsepower; you use a lot of RPM’s. You slow way down in the middle of the long sweeping turn and wait to get on the gas in that first corner.”

What is your plan and goal for the Camping World 200?

“We’ll plan to work with the veterans to help show Keven the line. Keven’s been good about following Rick Crawford. We rely on our most experienced Ford teammate for that help. The goal is to get some laps under Keven’s belt and to finish.”

Watch Keven Wood and the no. 21 Wood Brothers Racing U.S. Air Force F-150 race in the Camping World 200 at Gateway International Speedway Saturday, September 6th on Speed with coverage beginning at 2 PM ET.