Keven Wood and Wood Brothers Racing Prepare for Mansfield

Keven Wood and Wood Brothers Racing Prepare for Mansfield At South Boston Test and Tied Track Record

Harrisburg, NC (April 18, 2008)- Wood Brothers Racing and Keven Wood tested South Boston Speedway this week to prepare for Keven’s debut race in Mansfield, OH on May 24th.

The team unloaded quickly and took to the 4/10 mile track that mocks Mansfield. Wood is familiar with the “America’s Hometown Track” as he has run 10 races in the Late Model Stock Car Series, however, this is a new endeavor in the no. 21 NASCAR Craftsman Truck and proved to be more successful than imagined as he tied the track record by the end of the day.

The test was the first time Keven Wood worked with the team as a driver, as the test was solely for him. They worked on different set up’s that fit Keven and tried to get their chemistry working together. Keven commented on working with Crew Chief John Monsam for the first time. He said, “It’s just going to take time. If I say the handling was free then he’d [Monsam] tighten me up and if I said that it was loose then he would tighten me up too much. Overall it went really well.” He added. “This is the first time I’ve been around the guys outside of the shop or hanging around them at the track. To have them come to me and ask me what I want to do as a driver rather than just saying, ‘Hey what’s up?’ was really cool. It went really well. We’ve got a great bunch of guys that work really hard.”

After being on the track for most of the colder than normal spring day; Keven felt that this test gave him a boost of confidence as he learned to push the truck to the limit on qualifying runs. By doing this, he tied the track record lap time of 15.42 seconds that was set by Brendan Gaughan when the trucks ran there.

Crew Chief John Monsam was not surprised that Keven accomplished this after he saw the young driver acclimate to the truck and the track so quickly throughout the day. “It was a very successful test and I know we’re going to be ready for Mansfield. He’s [Keven] going to be good.”

Keven is also looking forward to going to Mansfield to run on the similar bumpy surface that he has only seen on television. Keven commented on the success of the test overall. He said, “The test was amazing! I wasn’t expecting it. I learned a lot more than I imagined. Everything is pretty much new, anytime I get in the truck. Anything that I do and each lap I run; I can learn something different. I’ll just take it as it comes. I know we have good equipment going in, but still, that was pretty shocking that I tied the track record and it made me feel real good. I hope it carries over to Mansfield.”

Keven is also getting extra seat time by running a Late Model stock car at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA set to run on Saturday, April 19th for the Hawkeye 150.

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